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Did you know: that a light-emitting diode (LED) was constructed in 1907 - while it was first produced in 1962.
Did you know: that Johann Philipp Reis is the first man to install an electric speaker in the phone in 1861.
Did you know: that the first disco ball was produced in 1919, long before the opening of the first disco club.
Soundguy: They don't go home whistling the lights.
Lightguy: Never forget, when your God created the universe, he said at first: "Let there be light!"


Audio – video production & event management.

APP ELECTRONIC – good reputation precedes us! We’ve been making your wishes come true for 20 years already. Everything we do, and we love what we’re doing, we do in a manner that delivers world-class and top-notch results.

We give our best efforts to make every event an experience.


How ?


Each and every event needs a scenery, a venue or a stage. We own prebuilt constructions. Certified. Detachable modules can be merged into any shape you want.

If you need something more special, unique, original and memorable, send us an inquiry with your wishes and ideas and we’ll make it unique.


Latest sound systems. For indoor and outdoor events. Regardless of the surface area, weather conditions, number of participant and visitors.

Renowned word class equipment brands and our highly trained staff will ensure that every sound has its own color and that every event sounds harmonic.


The scenery, sound, lights, directing, production, video cameras, plasma TVs, projectors, LED screens, special effects… and people who seamlessly and quietly manage the equipment on which they were taught and trained to get the best from it.

KV2 Audio, Allen, and Heath, Sennheiser, Eighteen Sound, Butec, Adam Hall, Robe, Alutruss…

Currently, we’re testing a next-gen equipment. You’ll be able to see it soon in your events. It looks pretty cool!


From the idea to the realization. Each event is an experience for itself. That’s how we feel about it. And we experience every single moment and each stage of that experience. That’s our job. But, that’s our life as well. The experience must be alive. It should make a great impression and strong impact.

Preparation, analysis, checks, rehearsals, event goal analysis, event type, hospitability and reasonable budget projection. Maximum concentration and synchronization.

Whether it’s a concert, festival, corporate event, promo, trade fair exhibition, sports event, political gathering, from forums, meetings to conventions, or most challenging experimental programs…
We’re there for you. Seamless and quiet. At the service of your success.

Your success isn’t just our reference. It’s our success, too!

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