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AAP Electronic
Did you know: that a light-emitting diode (LED) was constructed in 1907 - while it was first produced in 1962.
Did you know: that Johann Philipp Reis is the first man to install an electric speaker in the phone in 1861.
Did you know: that the first disco ball was produced in 1919, long before the opening of the first disco club.
Soundguy: They don't go home whistling the lights.
Lightguy: Never forget, when your God created the universe, he said at first: "Let there be light!"

Fresh Wave Festival

In the last three days, the biggest festival of electronic music in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in the “Kastel” fortress. This is the fifth Fresh Wave Festival by now, where many world famous artists took part in.

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To our company and huge audience, “Demo Fest” represents one of the most important events in our city. It has to be mentioned that “AAP Electronic” and “Demo Fest”, organized by company “Aquarius” , are cooperating  11 years  already! “AAP Electronic” has carried out a complete technical realization for the event that had both nightly and daily program for 3 days. Over 15 bands daily, had taken turns on the stage, for which our team made a huge effort to be as quick and good as possible. Few years already, our company is in charge for the live television broadcast of the event, which was possible with a help of many of our cameras, technicians and the top equipment from the company “Black Magic”.


 And so it looked like this year:

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~Latest offers~

In order for everyday events to be realized the best way possible, it’s necessary to update our equipment on a regular basis!


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Lepa Brena

Spectacular concert of Fahreta Živojinović, better known as “Lepa Brena” was held at 14th of July in the fortress “Kastel” in city of Banja Luka. Within newly organized “Vikend fest”, “Lepa Brena”, as well as Aco Pejovic, have shown their best in front of a big audience that was expecting this concert for a long time. This time, “Brena” has started her concert with a new hit song "Boliš i ne prolaziš", but the audience was reminded of the old songs too.

Professional team of “AAP Eelectronic” has taken care of the top quality sound, so that the voice of “Lepa Brena” could be heard as authentic as it can be. Besides, visual effects and the design of the complete stage were in the hands of our technicians as well.

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