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Did you know: that a light-emitting diode (LED) was constructed in 1907 - while it was first produced in 1962.
Did you know: that Johann Philipp Reis is the first man to install an electric speaker in the phone in 1861.
Did you know: that the first disco ball was produced in 1919, long before the opening of the first disco club.
Soundguy: They don't go home whistling the lights.
Lightguy: Never forget, when your God created the universe, he said at first: "Let there be light!"

New Year’s Eve celebration

The winter and New Years Eve festive content this year engaged almost every citizen of Banja Luka, along with numerous local and foreign tourists. Besides the New Year’s party in nearly every restaurant and bar in Banja Luka, where local musicians were performing, the largest attraction still were regional celebrities.

AAP Electronic carried on the complete technical implementation of this event, on four different locations.

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Day of Republika Srpska

On 9th of January, the 26. annual Day of Republika Srpska was held. The solemn celebration that went on during whole day on several locations in Banja Luka was enhanced by many visitors from neighboring countries, as well as a large number of Republika Srpska citizens. This content-rich program was attended by most successful athletes, as well as most successful citizens from various sectors, who contributed to the development of Republika Srpska.

AAP Electronic’s world-class team was in charge of the technical aspect of the event.

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Ćevap Fest

Banja Luka, as the largest city in Republika Srpska, is known for a lot of things, but the main attraction for most local and foreign tourists are ćevapi. The first, inaugural “Ćevap Fest” was held this year in Banja Luka and it attracted a large number of people of different ages. Guest had a chance to taste best recipes from famous grills in Banja Luka, and they could spend the evening enjoying the performance by Banja Luka Tamburitza Orchestra, along with other engaging activities.

AAP Electronic rounded off the traditional ambiance for all guests and performers with its technical support.

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Banja Luka Philharmonic Orchestra

On 14th January 2018, the traditional New Year’s concert was held and performed by Banja Luka Philharmonic Orchestra in a crowded concert hall at the Banski Dvor cultural center. Numerous prominent local people attended it, along with guests from foreign countries, and as always, enjoyed the performance by our top musicians.

For several years now, AAP Electronic is cooperating with Banja Luka Philharmonic Orchestra and it’s in charge of the world-class sound, as well as the stage design of their concerts.

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